Eto Ano is a record label and educational initiative by sspurgee. 

As an artist-run label, we want to provide a safe stepping stone & to be a point of advocacy for other artists' work as they may just be beginning or are further along in their career. We make creative products with the artist in mind before anything else. 

Otherwise, the primary intent of this platform is to be an educational tool by providing transparency about the process of running a record label.

We do this by releasing account statements with each official creative release. Similar to reports publicly traded companies must provide, like Warner Music Group or Spotify. (Ours are less dry.) We want everyone to read and understand how much capital was spent to create & present the final product, as well as, how much each release makes. This will be updated through the licensing period of all works so anyone will be able to follow along and get a clear understanding of how much money independent music makes in today's economic climate & how the capital is being used within the label operations.

This is being done in hopes of further demystifying & democratizing an industry that can often feel like it encourages the opposite. Making the music is oftentimes the easiest part about being a musician, especially independently. Here you can watch us fail & then, hopefully, fat cat big label style riches & embarrassing ourselves at future award shows. You'll be able to say you knew about us back when we were on Mailchimp. We're hoping that by documenting our inevitable & dramatic ascent, you follow along and learn something. 

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